June 23, 2021

Hot pot raw materials full colle...

1, hot, hot in the pot cooked.

The secret is: the first to differ a variety of materials, not all kinds of materials can be hot food. Generally speaking, the material is tender and crisp, instantly cooked materials shabu-shabu: to be used to clip good applicable hot (shabu-shabu) food, such as tripe, loin, liver slices, pea shoots, broccoli, etc.; and the material is a little denser, instantly not easily cooked, to be hot for a while, such as tripe, mushroom liver, tender beef, etc.; secondly, to watch the soup halide transformation, when the soup halide boiling, continuous rolling, and the soup halide on the vegetable oil is abundant, hot food tastes good and can insulation insulation; again, to manipulate the degree of ripeness, overcooked, the ingredients are aging, cooked not on, it is raw; fourth, hot must clip stable ingredients, or fall off the pot, it is easy to cook old, boiled.

2, boil: that is, the material funds into the soup boil.

The secret is: the first to select the materials that can be cooked, such as swordfish, meatballs, flat mushrooms and other such materials closer, it is important to experience a long period of heating before taking the raw materials; second, to grasp the degree of maturity, some cooked for a long time to cook loose, boil away.

3, the work experience of eating hot pot should be first meat after vegetarian.

Hot food when the soup must be boiling water, to all seep into the soup hot food; secondly, like the hemp flavor, adjust the hemp flavor, the way is: like spicy people, can be hot food from the hot pot next to the oil; the opposite is from the middle of the burning hot food; again is to eat hot pot, be sure to match a cup of tea, in order to strengthen the spleen and appetite appetite stomach, relieving oil to grease, change the taste, to relieve the feeling of spicy.

4. Hot pot with Chinese herbs put in the same frying

Use 10 grams each of Chinese herbs Dendrobium, Yuan Shen and Licorice, and wrap them in sand cloth. Put them into the hot pot and cook them through for 15-20 minutes, then go to the shabu medicine powder and you can take them. It has the effect of quenching thirst and avoiding the "easy fire" condition caused by eating hot pot.

5. Put some vegetables and fruits or water tofu in the hot pot

Vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, lettuce, green peas, etc. Water tofu and products such as tofu, phyllo, etc. The vegetables and fruits contain a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll, and water tofu with gypsum ingredients, heat resistance is cool, both have the effect of clearing heat and dampness to remove annoyance. You can avoid eating hot pot "easy to get on fire".

6. Add a little wine to the hot pot

Adding 2 spoons of wine to the hot pot can make the hot pot soup mellow and aromatic, because wine contains a variety of nutrients, not only to balance nutrition, and is a good way to avoid hot pot "easy to get on fire".


7. After the taste of hot pot, eat some fresh fruit


After eating hot pot, 20-30 minutes apart, eat some cool food, such as pears, roots, oranges, etc., can prevent "easy fire", but do not have to eat hot oranges.

The key to the ingredients mentioned here is to refer to the main ingredients of the hot pot, soup base, dip flavor plate, heating materials and some small kitchenware, supplies.

Spicy hot pot sauce also called oil dish is generally full of a bowl of sesame oil, is to better reduce the temperature and lower the fire, take it is not easy to easily on fire.

The main ingredients of hot pot is the raw materials cooked in the pot, according to the characteristics of the raw materials can be divided into seafood raw materials, river raw materials, poultry raw materials, livestock raw materials, vegetable and fruit raw materials, raw materials products, etc., but all the raw materials that can be used to make dishes can basically be used as the main ingredients of hot pot.

Hot pot soup base that is the bottom of the pot, with the most number of red soup juice, followed by white soup juice (including sauerkraut soup). The red soup is a sweet soup, made of soup with Chaotian pepper, bean paste, black bean paste, mash juice, old rock sugar, salt, rice wine, and a variety of spices. The white soup sauce is made from the soup of hen, fatty duck, pork bone, sausage, pork elbow, lean pork, green onion, ginger and wine, etc. It is usually applied with the red soup sauce, but rarely applied independently.

The dip flavor dish is a part of the shabu-shabu hot pot that cannot be lacking, commonly there are sesame oil flavor dish, garlic flavor dish, pepper oil flavor dish, chili oil flavor dish, chili sauce flavor dish, Chuan Qi dip flavor dish, material juice flavor dish, leek flower flavor dish, etc. The temperature of the main ingredients shabu-shabu in the hot pot is high when it is first started, so if you dip the main ingredients that have just been picked up from the pot in the flavor dish, it will reduce the temperature of the hot ingredients and make it less likely to burn the inside of the mouth.

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